The style of Sarah’s work, with the accuracy, attention to detail and dynamism makes it particularly suitable for creating animal sculptures.

To date she has recreated numerous dogs, horses and others including a Gloucester Old Spot pig. Recently Sarah has completed several high profile competition horses, including Lord Killinghurst, Miner’s Frolic and Macchiato for their owners. The latter two are also available as Limited Editions. The majority of her Limited Edition works are based on actual animals.

She is equally happy creating busts, heads, or complete animals of any size, including life size, to the client’s requirement and budget. Sarah prefers to meet the subject, to take numerous photographs and measurements, and to familiarise herself with the character. When a size and position is agreed, she will make a start on the model making. During the model making process, the client is fully appraised of the process, either by visits or by the sending of digital or conventional photographs. If necessary, Sarah will visit the subject again during this phase of the process.

The casting process itself will only take place once the client is fully satisfied with the model.

The time that Sarah needs to undertake and complete a commission depends on how busy both she and the art foundry are. From experience, it usually takes up to six months for the whole process.

Please feel free to contact Sarah for a no-obligation discussion about any work you may be considering.